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Important questions
Asnwers to questions we are asked the most ..

Table of Contents 

  1. How do I know I'm getting the BEST price?
  2. Is Berglund experienced at what they do?
  3. I'm not in the Roanoke area. Does Berglund deliver?
  4. What if I have a trade in?
  5. What about service?
  6. What is the Berglund advantage?

How do I know I'm getting the BEST price?

Our pricing philosophy is simple. We quote "all" our business customers our BEST price right up front. It's the very least we will sell the vehicle for based on current availability. No haggle, no hassles, no pressure to buy that instant or that day. Simply a straight forward honest pricing approach. We also do not charge a dealer processing or "doc" fee to our business customers. Most dealers show a  low advertised price, but also charge these fees.

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Is Berglund experienced at what they do?

Absolutely! .. Berglund has been selling commercial and fleet vehicles for over 30 years. With positions on national factory commercial dealer councils and other industry related committees, our staff is well informed about issues that affect products and pricing to our customers. Our professional commercial sales staff qualifies each customer we serve by asking key questions regarding the type of business they are in, where they are located, do they have a business or trade association they belong to, how many vehicles they have in company service, and many other aspects that could qualify them for additional incentives. We have access to programs most dealers don't even know exist. This in turn helps lower our customer's prices and helps ensure them they are getting the BEST price. Berglund Commercial Sales is consistently in the top 50 yearly dealer rankings for fleet and commercial sales which includes all Chevrolet and GMC dealers nationwide.

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I'm not in the Roanoke area. Does Berglund deliver?

For customers in our immediate market, we will deliver your new vehicles to you at no additional charge. For customers outside our immediate market who purchase from our on hand inventory, we can easily arrange delivery to most locations in the mid-Atlantic area for a nominal charge. For units that are factory ordered, we can arrange to have a vehicle drop shipped to any like franchise dealer location in the lower 48 states. The delivering dealer's courtesy delivery fee would apply.

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What if I have a trade in?

While all our commercial and fleet pricing to customers is "bottom line", straight sale pricing, we do welcome trade-ins any time. Since our new vehicle price is a fleet or wholesale price to the customer, our trade allowances are based on the wholesale or actual cash value of the trade unit.

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What about service?

In 2003, we opened a dedicated Commercial Truck Service facility to serve our business customers. We know time is money and you can't earn money while your truck is in the shop. Our air conditioned, 12,000 sq. ft. facility, located on Wayne Street, has six heavy duty truck lifts and a dedicated service manager. Commercial service can be reached at (540) 777-3002.

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What is the Berglund advantage?

Dedicated sales and service facilities, dedicated inventory, dedicated experienced "business minded" sales personnel, straightforward up front pricing, and a genuine concern and appreciation for "your" business. Experience, capability, integrity, leadership, selection, and price. That's the Berglund advantage.

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